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Dyson may refer to:

  • Dyson, a character in the Canadian television series Lost Girl.
  • Dyson (company), home appliances company founded by James Dyson
  • Dyson (crater), a crater on the Moon
  • Dyson (operating system), a Unix general-purpose operating system derived from Debian using the illumos kernel, libc, and SMF init system
  • Dyson (surname), people with the surname Dyson
  • Dyson sphere, a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures most or all of its power output
  • Freeman Dyson, British-American physicist and mathematician
  • Dyson tree, a hypothetical plant suggested by physicist Freeman Dyson
    • Eufloria (formerly called Dyson), a video game based on the idea of Dyson trees
  • USS Dyson (DD-572), a United States Navy destroyer in commission from 1942 to 1947
  • NOAAS Oscar Dyson (R 224), an American fisheries and oceanographic research ship in commission in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration since 2005
  • Dysons, an Australian bus operator

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  • Dysan, storage media company